MarKum Steak List

Served with a side salad and your choice of smashed potatoes, french fries, or baked potato.

Filet Mignon | $26.95
6 oz

Rib Eye | $23.95
12 oz

Cap Steak | $19.50
8 oz

Flat Iron | $19.50
10bb oz

Molalla, OR. "Grass fed and grain finished"

Chicken Fried Steak | $14.95

Chop Steak | $14.00
10 oz with gravy and onion

Top Sirlion | $19.00
10 oz

New York Strip | $24.00
8 oz

Filet Mignon | $32.00
6 oz

Rib Eye | $32.00
12 oz 

Available after 4PM

Fried Chicken | $13.95

Roasted BBQ Pork Butt | $14.95

Baby Back Rib | $17.95

Fried Oysters | $11.95
or fish of the day

Chef's Special

Prime Rib| Mama $19.95 Papa $22.95

Munch Outs

Wood Oven Breadsticks | $4.95
house marinara, garlic oil, parmesan.

Roasted Butternut Hummus | $8.95
with wood oven puffy pita bread.

The Fried Pickle Bash | $7.95
served with creamy green goddess.

Beer Battered Onion Rings | $6.95
served with smoky jalapeño white bbq sauce.

Oak Smoked Wings | $10.95
spicy marionberry glaze, honey lime ranch dip.

Chili Cheese Fries | $7.95
bbq brisket chili, queso, jalapeño.

Thin Fried Chicken | $9​.95
hand cut, served with brown sugar stout mustard dip.

Soup & Caesar or Mixed Green Salad | $7.95

Add a Grilled Coleman Burger patty to any item | $5.50

Grilled Veggies | $8.95
daily earthy delights, oak fired.

MarKum Green Beans | $6.95
vinaigrette and filberts.

MarKum Wedge Salad | $7.95
bacon, tomato, red onion, beets, creamy house blue cheese.

Caesar Salad | $11.95
Bed of baby romaine hearts, homemade Caesar, croutons and
freshly grated parmesan cheese. (GF)
Choice of Grilled or Fried Chicken

Mixed Green Salad | $4.50
Mesclun green with your choice of dressing. (GF)
Chopped Salad | $11.95
Grilled chicken, Savoy cabbage, toasted hazelnuts, romaine, veggies with a sesame vinaigrette. (GF)

The Horseshoe
MarKum Memories

Add a fried egg to any dish | 1.95

*Double Jumbo MarKum Burger | $15.95
“The Burger that made MarKum famous”
smoked ham, Tillamook cheddar, American cheese, special sauce, served with fries.

*Single MarKum Burger w/fries | $12.95

*Burger w/fries | $9.95
Add cheese | $1.00
Fish & Chips | $17.75
Beer battered Pacific Halibut, golden fried crispy fries and herb tartar sauce

Chicken Parmesan | $14.95
with hot oak oven garlic breadsticks.

Spaghetti & MarKum Red Sauce | $10.95
with hot oak oven garlic breadsticks and piles of fresh parmesan cheese.

Ranchers Meatloaf | $14.95
smoked beef and pork meatloaf roasted veggies, gravy, mashed potatoes.

The Stuffed Potato | $10.95
idaho russet baker stuffed with chicken, bacon, cheese, veggies and ranch. 

An epic open-faced sandwich that will change your life.

Choose your meat:
meat loaf | $13.95          *burger | $12.95
fried chicken | $13.95          smoked ham | $12.95
grilled veggies | $11.95

The Method:
Step 1. buttery slices of texas toast
Step 2. select your favorite meat
Step 3. piles of fresh hot french fries
Step 4. troughs full of cheese sauce
Step 5. cardiologist on speed dial

The Oak Stone Oven

  Wood Fired Draper Farms 1/2 Chicken | $16.95
Served with Marquam green beans (GF)

Oak Stone Oven Pizza
House dough, hand tossed, house sauce, all pizzas are 11"
Add Coleman’s ground beef to any pizza| $2.75

Classic Cheese Pizza | $9.95
house red sauce, fresh blended pizza cheese, not a single other thing, perfect.

Meat Lovers Pizza | $14.95
Local crafted pepperoni, sausage, smoked ham, red sauce, cheese.

White Pizza | $12.95
Oregon olive oil, oregano, smoked sea salt, feta, fresh ricotta, mozzarella, arugula.

Pepperoni Pizza | $12.95
house red sauce, cheese and pepperoni.

Veggie Lovers Pizza | $12.95
diggin’ roots daily veggies, fresh herbs, house red sauce, goat cheese and ricotta

Chili Cheese Dog Pizza| $12.95
Lonely Lane local dogs, smothered in homemade chili and queso, onion. Pickle and mustard on the side.

Oak Stone Oven Calzone
house dough, hand tossed, house sauce

French Dip Calzone | $13.95
Prime rib with mozzarella, provolone cheese, green peppers and onion. Served with Au-jus on the side.

Chicken and Spinach Calzone | $13.95
Feta, goat, ricotta, mozarella, spinach with roasted tomato aioli.

MarKum Steak List
Fried Chicken Club | ׀ $10.75
Crispy fried chicken breast, bacon, ham, lettuce and tomato, on toasted 9-grain bread, with our special sauce.

Ham and Cheese Panini Sandwich  | ׀$10.75
Apple wood smoked ham, Tillamook sharp cheddar, brown sugar mustard and rosemary, crisped in a Panini iron.
Coleman's Ranch French Dip | $13.95
Slow roasted Coleman's beef, grilled onions with melted mozzarella, and horsey sauce on a toasted hoagie, served with Porter infused beef Au Jus.

Roasted Shicken Salad Sandwich | $9.95
Wood-fired chicken breast, mayo, celery and onions on 9-grain bread with side salad.

Grilled Cheese | $7.95
American and cheddar cheese, served with tomato soup for dipping.

MarKum Steak List

Creamy Tomato Soup | $3.95
Prime Rib Chili | $4.95
Slow roasted prime Rib, fresh chili and mayacoba beans.
Wild Card Soup | $4.95
Pork Fat French Fries | $3.95
Creamy Smashed Yukons | $3.95
Side Caesar Salad | $5.50
Mixed Green Salad | $4.50